Bubbles for Fitbit

open source Fitbit TypeScript status: supported

An open-source game for Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa that I made for my 1-year-old daughter.

Written in TypeScript, continuous integration done with CircleCI.


Elina, 1 year old

OVERSIZED Clock for Flutter

open source Flutter Dart contest submission
start video showing how the clock works in real life
(carefully, 4.4 MB)

A unique clock (or watchface) for Lenovo Smart Clock. Made as a submission for Flutter Clock Challenge.

This was my first encounter with Dart language and Flutter framework (both of which I found very appealing).

Read more about the ideas and implementation details in the project's repo on Github.

This Website

JavaScript HTML CSS VueJS NuxtJS Netlify status: supported

This website is a hell of a project!

Made with JavaScript, VueJS and NuxtJS for server-side rendering, it runs on Netlify and doesn't cost me anything!

In addition to it's natural purpose, I use it as a playground to try out new front-end tricks.

Week Number for Fitbit

open source Fitbit JavaScript TypeScript status: supported

A small open-source application for Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa.

Written in JavaScript and TypeScript, continuous integration done with CircleCI.

My industry organizes our production schedules by week numbers. This simple app is a lifesaver when trying to keep schedules straight.


Bluetooth LE Lab

open source Windows 10 C# UWP Bluetooth Low Energy status: not developed

An open-source application for Windows 10 designed for working with Bluetooth Low Energy devices.


Very nice, clean interface and works great!


UWP app, written with C#.

Bind Mi Band

Windows Phone C# UWP Bluetooth Low Energy status: support discontinued

The best unofficial 3rd-party client for Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bands on Windows Phone 8.1/10, written in C#.

Features: steps and sleep tracking, daily history with OneDrive synchronization, deep/light sleep recogniton, detection of running, firmware updates and much more. Though, main focus was always on the stability and simplicity of all the provided features.

250k downloads. Translated into 10 languages with a support of community.

Also, comes with Notify Mi Band UWP application for Windows 10 and above, which leverages notification APIs available only in the newer version of OS.

Chords Book

Windows Phone C# status: unpublished

Chords Book - a handy app with thousands of songs with chords and tabs. See chords diagrams if you don't know how to play a chord!

Working in the team of three, we built a server and two mobile clients - for Android and Windows Phone. The latter was my main focus.


Windows Phone C# AR.Drone 2.0 status: unpublished
From the original description of the app:

Dronnie provides you with an excellent interaction experience for your AR.Drone 2.0. Play with handy flight controller, video streaming and full range of settings of your AR.Drone 2.0.

There is also a list of statistical values of flights for your interest, map with flight locations, and a number of achievements are waiting for you to complete them!

And the last but not least! Dronnie makes your AR.Drone alive. You can play and travel with him, take care of him, discover new places and spend time unforgettably!

The app was developed by team for submission to Microsoft's "Make apps fly" contest.

My part was to implement calibration of the drone, flight control and video playback through integration of AR.Drone SDK and building custom UI controls.

video commercial of the app
(me as writer, camera-man and editor)